Dec 20: Solar Panel Installation Completion

Media Release



We are excited to update that Edlyn Foods has finished its solar panel installation across three of our sites: Maryborough, Jersey Drive and Ricky Way. Across the 3 premises, there is a combined total of 224 kilowatts of solar panels connected.

Since the installation of these solar panels, we have produced a total of 540 megawatts of power.


  • Maryborough: 294 megawatts
  • Jersey Drive: 115 megawatts
  • Ricky Way: 131 megawatts

This is comparable to 60 tonnes of coal, which would have been required to produce the same amount of energy.

As a result, 302 tonnes, of carbon dioxide (CO2) were removed from the atmosphere. This amount is equivalent to the green-house gas emissions which would be produced if you were to travel to the moon and back to earth by car! It is also the same amount of CO2 emissions created when charging 38,514,671 smartphones!

Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas and is responsible for three quarters of emissions globally. It can linger in the atmosphere for thousands of years and have far-ranging negative effects on the environment and people’s health.

We are proud that we can make a difference for our planet and will continue to commit to decreasing our carbon footprint.



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