Some of our most commonly asked questions

Why have we created “Edlyn Idea Kitchen”?

As a part of our Design Philosophy, we are relentlessly empathetic to the user’s needs. Our innovation is inspired by actively harvesting customer insights. With our vision to be the preferred innovation partner for those who want to serve great food experiences, Edlyn Foods seeks out, and welcomes your ideas, big or small, related to products, packaging or anything else.

What can you do on the website?

If you sign up to be a registered member of the site (or using your social media account to sign in), you can share your ideas, vote and comment on other people’s ideas.

If you’d like to ask a question or to give feedback on our current products and services, please visit the Contact Us page of the website.

What happens to the submitted ideas?

When you share your idea, the “thank you” page confirms that we have received your idea. Our Innovation team will review and post the ideas online in due course. When the idea is posted online your voting helps us to identify popular ideas.  We will discuss and evaluate the ideas internally and the most popular and innovative ideas that are best fit for Edlyn will progress to the next stage for product development and commercialisation. We will let you know if your idea progress to the next stage.

Will Edlyn compensate the website users for the commercialised/implemented ideas?

We won’t be compensating the website users if their idea is commercialised or implemented. For more information please take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

What about my privacy?

When you share your idea you can choose for your idea to be posted anonymously (by ticking the relevant check box). For more information on the privacy policy for www.edlyn.com.au read our Privacy Policy.

What are the rules for using the site?

The site is an open forum for you to share your ideas, vote and comment on other people’s ideas. However we will not allow any inappropriate conduct. Posts that are inappropriate will be removed from the site and the accessibility of the user to the site may get suspended or terminated. For more information see our Terms and Conditions.

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