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Sweet mustard pickle condiment

Sweet mustard pickle condiment

I would love to see a new sweet mustard pickle added to your condiments range.

I have few customers asking for it, this would sell great!

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  • Peter Robinson
    Good idea.
  • Edlyn Innovation Team
    Hi Grey, Thank you for your time giving feedback on Sweet Mustard Pickle idea. We will take your valuable feedback on board and discuss with the team. Look forward to hearing your ideas. 
  • Greg Woodings

    Yes i do also believe this as we only have one in our market place and it was out of stock for three weeks. Edlyn could have had these sales.

  • Edlyn Innovation Team

    Thank you for sharing your idea of sweet mustard pickle with Edlyn Idea Kitchen. 

    Sounds very delicious!  We will discuss this idea with our team and will be in touch again!