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Simple Tiramisu

When making Tiramisu use sponge finger biscuits, whipped cream, coffee, water and Edlyn chocolate mousse.

Spread chocolate mousse on bottom of tray, dip biscuits in mixture of coffee and warm water, layer the biscuits over the mousse repeat layering and pipe cream on top sprinkle with cocoa powder. Place in fridge to set. This simple way of making Tiramisu using Edlyn mousse is always a hit with residents, family and staff who have tasted it. It is also suitable for all modified textures. 

You can also give it a twist of flavour by using strawberry mousse or any other flavour. 


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  • Edlyn Innovation Team

  • Edlyn Innovation Team
    Hi dear customer, Many thanks for sharing your experience of using Edlyn choc mousse to create Tiramisu! What a fantastic idea! It is great to know that this works for all modified texture requirements. We will also make and taste this recipe with our team members. Thanks again and hope to hear again about your new recipes/ideas.