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Our Story

Greenwheat Freekeh was established in 1996 as Australia’s first producer of Freekeh. Our award-winning freekeh is produced in South Australia.
Freekeh is 100% natural grains processed from wheat which is harvested while the grains are still soft, young and green. The grains are parched, roasted and dried and result in a product that is high in fibre and protein and also rich in prebiotic properties. Freekeh is also low GI, has no additives or preservatives and is free from GMO.

What is Freekeh?

Freekeh (pronounced “free-ka”) is a versatile superfood packed with nutrition and health benefits. It is produced by harvesting grains while still soft, young and green, then parching roasting and drying. The process captures the grains at a state of peak taste and nutrition. Freekeh is the name of this process and is not the name of a grain variety. Elsewhere you may see Freekeh referred to as freekah, frikeh, fireek, or farik.

What is Freekeh?
Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional Benefits

Freekeh contains more protein, vitamins, and minerals than other grains. It is low GI, low in available carbohydrates, high in dietary fibre (up to four times the fibre of brown rice) and rich in prebiotic properties. In addition to this, Greenwheat Freekeh is 100% natural and free from any chemical residue or GMO.

  • Source of Protein

  • Good source of Dietary Fibre

  • Potassium Rich

  • Source of Iron

  • Low GI (43)

  • 5-start health rating

  • Kosher Certified

  • Halal Certified

Multi Award Winning Product

Our award winning Freekeh has been recognized as the leading Greenwheat Freekeh producer within Australian by winning multiple gold medals at the Australian Food Awards within the Grain or Legume category.

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Freekeh can be used in a variety of ways


As a side dish (prepared and served like rice)


As an ingredients in soups and broths


Fantastic for warm and cold salads.


To make delicious burgers


Freekeh can be milled to make flour and use in breads and bakery goods.

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