Oct 15: A New Digital Space for Edlyn

Media Release

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EDL3309 MAC banner


Over the past several months Edlyn have been working tirelessly developing a brand new website with the intent to better represent Edlyn’s current vision, purpose and culture, which has been a strong business focus over the past 18 months.

Whilst Edlyn’s newest website offers a wealth of information on each product, the updated and easier to navigate design offers a greater company focus showcasing what makes Edlyn so special and unique.
From the opening homepage, Edlyn’s purpose is visible, using the sliding banner design to communicate key statements that encompass what the company stands for. Big and bold imagery of Edlyn team members interacting with real customers is the first thing to capture the eye.

The top navigation is image driven with the ‘Why Choose Edlyn’ section of the site showcasing the company’s history and unique strengths, quotes from employee’s, videos on each of the management team and testimonials from key customers.
The site also has an array of delicious recipe ideas that can be created using Edlyn’s products and offers a unique recipe calculator. The calculator allows the visitor to calculate the cost of creating each recipe, which is a particularly useful tool for chefs or business owners.

The sites ‘Media’ section is where all the latest news on Edlyn is housed with numerous product instructional videos to view and downloadable product catalogues.

The site also allows visitors to order samples of almost all products & even place an order with their distributor so that they can get the products they want delivered to their store.
With the new design comes mobile and tablet compatibility offering a customised viewing & navigational experience when used with these devices.

The design was built allowing it to be mobile & tablet responsive making it so easy to use and navigate even on a mobile device.

This new site will become Edlyn’s greatest and most utilised marketing communication tool, offering customers a true and relevant Edlyn experience.


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