Apr 21: Edlyn Wins An award for Process Re-invention

Media Release

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In March last year Edlyn Foods CEO Andrew Donelly and Product &Packaging Designer Thomas Shelley undertook Circular Advantage course. The initiative was done in cooperation with the council areas of Hume and Kingstone and the course was developed by KPMG. The Circular Advantage program teaches companies to understand the circular economy and develop ways to incorporate this into your business. The program gathered 20 or so businesses in the local council areas to discuss new ideas and to create a forum for us to learn together, and provide cross-business advice.

Over the 18 week program all businesses went over various aspects of the circular economy to create and implement it into each business. Each week there was a topic, catch up, and discussion board, where each business would put forward their point of view and comment on other businesses.

The course ends with a final project called Circular Economy Roadmap. The goal of this project is to use the tools learnt throughout the course to outline a circular economy plan for the company in the future. In Edlyn’s presentation we looked at measuring the sustainability baseline and utilising the innovative culture to stimulate ideas from the employees. The impact would then be measured from the baseline and implemented.

After presenting Edlyn’s Circular Economy Roadmap to the class and council members, Andrew and Thomas won the award for ‘Process Re-invention’


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