Apr 19: Edlyn Commissions End-User Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Whilst we received regular customer feedback via our field sales and customer service teams, it’s always important for us to quantify that feedback where we can. One compelling way to do that, is by way of a survey that is based on sound methodologies.

In late 2018, Edlyn Foods commissioned a survey of around 280 users of our products throughout Australia, using the Net Promoter Score method. This type of survey attempts to uncover how loyal (apposed to just being satisfied) a customer is to your product or brand. The likelihood of a customer recommending you to a friend or colleague underpins the score, as referrals and word of mouth are well established drivers of customer loyalty.

By uncovering the customer’s score (between 1-10) they are asked either “How likely are you to recommend Edlyn to a friend or colleague” or “What is the most important improvement that would make you score us closer to 10”.

These questions are designed to get to the heart of their feelings, so important improvements can be made. Our NPS score of +53 was excellent, but as always, shed some lights on where possible improvements can be made.

Feedback was able to be segmented according to business type, state, brand, and some of the more useful information was in the verbatim comments from customers. Some examples were: “Edlyn Foods supply us with good products which have a high level of quality and consistency, we have never been disappointed with the products we have used from them. We order their sauces, toppings, muffin and pancake mixes and they all work well for our needs. The ordering process is easy, we go to Bidfood and they have the items we need in stock and they are delivered to us in a good time frame”.

“The customer service that I am provided with by the rep, is fantastic. They will come out and give us samples and show us new products so we can try them out. I recently tried the chocolate mousse sample that I was given and based on that sample I am now using the mousse. I use the chutney, tartare sauce and other sauces and the pancake mix. All the products have a good texture and are full of flavour”.

Our intention is to continue surveying our customers on a regular basis, because of the incredible value gained from it. We understand that the customer is at the heart of everything we do, and we are guided by feedback from the customer’s experiences with us.

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