Apr 19: Operations Update

Media Release

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Edlyn Foods has continued to invest, innovate and grow its capability and capacity ensuring we remain the preferred innovation partner for our customers.

Recently the Maryborough production site installed a 99kw Solar Power System which reduced our energy bills by over 40% since October 2018. This installation has been so successful, approval has also been given for the installation of 2 similar sized systems for our Epping Production and Warehouse Sites.

A fourth cool room built at our Epping site, has increased the chilled storage capacity by over 350 pallets. It has an inbuilt loading dock allowing finished goods to be transferred directly to delivery trucks without leaving the cool room, ensuring the cold chain is maintained for products at all times.

The team have also focused on efficiency projects at each site over the past 12 months, to increase our production capacity and reduce our conversion cost.

At Maryborough, the team has focused efforts on improving the efficiency of the dry blends bulk packing line. With several clever modifications to the filler speed, adding new ultra sonic sensors and an Auger design, efficiency increased by over 20%. The previous average of 5 batches per shift, has now increased to 9 batches.

Over the last 6 months in Epping, the team focused efforts on the mayonnaise packing line. With several innovative ideas driven by the Production Team and supported by the Maintenance, we reduced the packing time for each 1,000kg batch from an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes, to under 50 minutes, which is a 40% time reduction saving.

We have also commenced a project to replace the old air pumps in the Liquids Batching Room with new twin screw pumps. The air pumps often break down, driving up repair and maintenance costs in spare parts and equipment downtime. The new pumps have lower maintenance costs, run faster and are low noise. Since installation of this new pump, we have seen close to a two hour reduction in the processing of chocolate topping.

Recently we commenced a training program for Operations employees at both Epping and Maryborough sites for certificates in ‘Lean Food Processes’, ‘Competitive System and Practices’, and ‘Leadership and Management’. Continuing to train and educate our team is necessary to maintain the growth of Edlyn Foods, it not only upskills our employees, but inspires them to be creative and more productive.

Above are just a few examples from our Operations team in finding ways to increase efficiency, improve the production environment, and reduce operating costs.

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