August 2022: Introducing Our Greenwheat Freekeh Range

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Edlyn Foods is thrilled to announce the launch of two new products under the Greenwheat Freekeh brand, a new 2kg size of the original wholegrain and cracked grain freekeh, as well as a new pre-cooked wholegrain freekeh available in a shelf stable 1kg pouch.

This new pre-cooked wholegrain freekeh is the first of its kind in Australia, offering a ready to use freekeh product, reducing the preparation time by almost 30-45 minutes when compared to the original Greenwheat Freekeh products.

The pre-cooked freekeh grain has a 12-month shelf life and can be used straight from the bag for things like salads or microwaved in less than 5 minutes for use in all your warm dishes. It is quick and versatile and the perfect product for that busy kitchen.

In addition to the new pre-cooked 1kg product, a new 2kg foodservice size has been added to the original Greenwheat wholegrain and cracked grain range.

Packaged in a resealable pouch & with a 36-month shelf life, the product offers a larger foodservice pack size for customers.

All Greenwheat Freekeh is made from Australian grown and harvested wheat, picked and roasted when green and at its peak national level.

The range of Greenwheat Freekeh has a 5-star health rating, offering a good source of protein, dietary fibre and Iron. Moreover, it’s Potassium rich and has a Low GI (55). It’s the perfect substitute for rice and can be used in dishes like salads, soups and casseroles.

Now available through all foodservice distributors or contact your Edlyn representative for more information.

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