Dec 18: Edlyn launches new company & values video

Media Release

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Over the past 4 years, Edlyn has experienced some substantial growth across all areas of the business, most notably its customer base, its innovative processes, production capabilities as well as its warehousing capacity.

It was these important developments within the business that drove the need to produce an updated Edlyn company video, showcasing these significant improvements within the business over the past few years.

It had been 4 years since Edlyn’s last company video was produced and not only were there considerable changes to their capabilities, but even more importantly there were exciting changes and growth within its people and underlying culture. The new company video showcases the history of Edlyn Foods and how it has grown into one of Australia’s leading foodservice manufacturers, as well as its quality, production, warehousing and distribution capabilities.

But more than that, the video primarily focuses on those customers who use Edlyn’s products and how these products help to create great food experiences for those who are consuming them. The video concludes by highlighting Edlyn’s four core values, passion, integrity, respect and innovation and how the business integrates these values into their people, their culture and their products.

As an addition to the company video, Edlyn wanted to capture the spirit of its employees and therefore produced a second video purely focusing the culture of the business and ultimately how those who work for Edlyn embody its values. This second video saw interviews with many of Edlyn’s employees speaking on why they enjoyed working at Edlyn and what the business’ values truly meant to them in their roles.

The end product was a fantastic representation of the culture throughout the business and the commitment to its values held by its employees.

Both of these new videos can be viewed at Edlyn’s website under the ‘About Edlyn’ section. Click link here to view videos.


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