Jun 15: Edlyn are Fired Up & Ready to Go!

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Fired Up & Ready to Go! Those that have stepped foot inside Edlyn’s head office or spoke to an Edlyn employee of late may have heard the catch phrase ‘Fired Up & Ready to Go!’.

All Edlyn employees were recently shown a youtube video called ‘fired up, ready to go’, which showcased Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. The video told the story of a woman who used the catch phrase ‘fired up & ready to go’ to motivate Barack Obama on his campaign trail. So impressed was Obama with the phrase he then began using it within his campaign advertising & speeches.

The video offers an inspirational look at how one person can motivate change with just a few words. Since experiencing the video Edlyn has adopted this phrase as somewhat of a motivational mantra and has used it as a theme for our most recent national sales conference and also to drive a series of personal development workshops for employees.


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