Sep 15: Edlyn’s Cuture is Driving Innovative Thinking

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At Edlyn, our vision is “to be the preferred innovation partner for those who want to serve great food experiences”. In order to achieve this vision Edlyn continually promotes and drives many internal workplace innovation programs to develop a culture of innovative thinkers within each and every area of the business.

The Edlyn ‘Innovation Nation’ program was launched in 2015, and is managed and driven by Edlyn’s Innovation Manager Aida Golneshin, the program creates a communication channel for each employee to share their ideas, no matter how big or small. Each department has an ‘idea leader’ in which all ideas from that department are presented to and then undergo a series of analysis to determine the validity of the idea.


Edlyn’s ‘Innovation Nation’ program has been a fantastic way for every employee to share ideas in a very quick and simple way to not only help the business grow but to build a strong and open innovative culture.

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