May 15: Edlyn’s new employee communication program – My Idea Rules

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The Edlyn ‘My Idea Rules’ program has been in operation now for just over a year and what better time than now to take a step back and review what has been achieved with such an innovative initiative.

The program itself was conceived back in mid 2014 by Edlyn’s management team as a way to provide a communication channel to all staff wanting to share their innovative ideas about anything and everything relatingto Edlyn. Whilst the program is company wide, it has been more heavily adopted by Edlyn’s production team led by manager Mitch Wearne, whom identified the program as a great way to put a theme behind all of the ideas and enhancements his team were presenting to him on a weekly basis.

Since its implementation a year ago, a total of 61 ideas have been put forward from 22 staff predominantly from production and warehouse team members. Ideas surrounding safety ranged from reducing slip hazards, improving cooking safety within the Wood’s room, and reducing excess waste on the floor. Whereas ideas around quality focused on opportunities to reduce energy usage and paper waste and also improving the management of frozen ingredients to ensure greater quality of raw materials. There is no doubt that with the continued enthusiasm for innovation from the Edlyn team, the ‘My Idea Rules’ program will continue to be a fantastic success.


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