Feb 20: Edlyn hosts PFD lunch event

Media Release

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Edlyn Foods recently hosted a lunch event for one of its largest customers PFD on Thursday the 27th February.

Many of PFD’s Branch Managers, Account Managers and Sales Representatives came from around the country to tour several of their key customers operations and Edlyn were grateful to be one of them.

The lunch event began with a tour of Edlyn’s Epping site showcasing the warehouse, production and office facilities.

The tour was then followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Edlyn’s own executive chef Aaron Duffy, which used several of Edlyn’s own products from its Bone Roasters Red Wine Jus to the delicious Mudcake and Mousse products.

Edlyn’s CEO Andrew Donelly then presented an overview of the business and its significant growth over the past decade, highlighting the extensive range of products, as well as its warehouse & manufacturing capabilities.

As both Edlyn & PFD market many of their products to the same end user audience, Edlyn took the opportunity to also present the innovative ways in which they choose to connect and promote their products. Edlyn’s Marketing Manager Andrew Williams concluded the event by outlining many of the companies marketing activities and in particular its social media and digital strategies.

Edlyn were delighted to be able to host the PFD team and update them on everything that is happening at Edlyn.


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