Delicious New Burger Ideas from Edlyn
Using a selection of Edlyn products & Wood's condiments, We have delivered 5 great alternatives to the traditional burger that will set your menu apart and have customers rushing back for more.
1. Pancake Burger

Using Edlyn's Buttermilk Pancake Mix to replace the bun and adding Wood's Tomato Relish makes this a modern twist on the traditional beef burger.

2. Turkey Burger with Cranberry & Brie

Delicious turkey pattie combined with spring onions, parsley, egg & breadcrumbs and is then topped with melted brie cheese, lettuce, snow pea shoots & Wood's Cranberry Sauce

3. Veggie Burger with Red Capsicum Relish

Veggie Kale burger pattie combined with grated carrot, rocket leaves, alfalfa sprouts topped with Wood's Red Capsicum Relish.

4. Beef & Onion Marmalade Sliders

Pressed beef meatballs, coleslaw, bacon & Wood's Onion Marmalade make these sliders so easy to prepare and they are bursting with flavour.

5. Open Chicken Kasoundi Burger

Marinate chicken fillets in Wood's Tomato Kasoundi Sauce, using Turkish bread as your base, add lettuce, Greek yogurt, lettuce, red onion, coriander and drizzle with Tomato Kasoundi.,

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