Jan 24: Greenwheat Freekeh becomes member of Grain & Legumes Nutrition Council

Media Release

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We are pleased to announce that Greenwheat Freekeh is now a member of The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC), an independent, not-for-profit organization with the mission to encourage Australians to make healthy choices by incorporating grains and legumes into their diet.

Established in 1996, Greenwheat Freekeh holds the distinction of being Australia’s first producer of Freekeh. Packed with more protein, vitamins, and minerals than other grains, Freekeh is a nutritional powerhouse; it’s low GI, low in available carbohydrates, high in dietary fibre (up to four times the fibre of brown rice) and rich in prebiotic properties. Importantly, Greenwheat Freekeh is 100% natural and free from any chemical residue or GMO.

Our award winning Freekeh has secured its place as the leading Greenwheat Freekeh producer within Australia, winning multiple gold medals within the Grain or Legume category at the Australian Food Awards.

We are excited about the collaboration with GLNC, an esteemed organization passionate about promoting the nutritional benefits of grains and legumes and the important role that they play in a healthy diet.



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