Oct 16: Edlyn’s exciting new branding – a great new look and feel

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Over the past 12 months Edlyn has been working extensively on several new packaging concepts as well as developing a new branding style which is to be applied across all Edlyn products. The update of Edlyn’s branding has been a project that the company had been discussing for the past several years. Yet the need to implement something sooner rather than later was amplified with Edlyn’s recent involvement in the Victorian governments ‘design to business’ program, which provides the assistance of outside experts to look and offer advice on the future needs of your business.

The updated branding concept has been designed to help increase the perception and positioning of Edlyn’s products within the foodservice market. Competing against some of the world’s largest brands, it is imperative that Edlyn’s products look and perform the best they possibly can at all times. With updated product photography, a consistent branding style across all product categories and a design that helps to communicate the key features of each product, Edlyn believes the new look of its products will help to increase consumer appeal towards the brand moving forward.

In addition to the new branding style, Edlyn has been working on some great new packaging concepts, which help to modernise the look, usability and practicality of all its product packaging. All of the Edlyn branded soups, gravies, boosters, sauces, seasonings, mousse’s, drinking chocolate, mayonnaise, baking powder & gelatine will now begin to be packaged within our newly designed pails. These new pails offer greater product protection, are easier to use, allow the customer to utilise more of the product inside for greater yield, provide more efficient pallet utilisation and offer greater storage flexibility at the customer level. The combination of new packaging as well as a new branding style allows Edlyn to provide the best quality product, in the most user friendly and premium looking packaging available resulting in customers receiving the most satisfying product experience possible.

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