Oct 17: Edlyn acquires new business Bone Roasters

Media Release

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On the 4th of September, Edlyn Foods officially settled on its newest business acquisition, Bone Roasters located in Nerang on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Bone Roasters (www.boneroasters.com.au) are a market leading provider of high quality Stocks and Reductions for the Foodservice Market. Founded 10 years ago by Chef Conrad Brown and Garry Erbacher, Bone Roasters has forged a strong reputation in the world of fine dining restaurants, caterers and luxury hotels. From day one their mission has been to produce stocks and stock reductions that are consistent, high quality, all natural and cost effective for the busy kitchen.

The brand has created an enviable network of customers outside of Australia with over 40% of sales in total coming from the Asian and Middle East regions.

Whilst leveraging obvious synergies with Edlyn Foods, Bone Roasters will remain an independent operation in its current location. Garry Erbacher will remain with the company in the short term to oversee the operation, and Conrad Brown will remain with the company, heading sales and business development initiatives. Recent and planned future upgrades to the factory in Nerang will help cater for the increase in sales which the company is experiencing. Bone Roasters runs a 24 hour operation ensuring stocks are made the traditional way with no shortcuts.

Work is currently underway to integrate Bone Roasters into Edlyn’s systems, to ensure good visibility of the new operation.

Bone Roasters fits with Edlyn Foods strategy to grow via acquisition of quality, reputable brands within the Foodservice market, in addition to growth of its core business.


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