We’ve reinvented American classics with these 4 amazing recipes! Like what you see? Order your samples today!
Using a variety of Edlyn and Wood's products, we've created some uniquely amazing recipes based around American classics that everyone will enjoy.
Bourbon, Black Cherry & Bacon Brownies

The combination of bourbon infused cherries, maple and cinnamon basted smoky streaky bacon and our Chocolate Mudcake Mix creates this unique, American inspired take on the humble chocolate brownie.

Maple-Glazed Hot Dogs with Mustardy Onions

Set aside the perfectly cooked maple syrup basted sausages. Then cook the mustard seeds and onions until softened and golden, add in the sugar and vinegar and combine until dissolved to create the mustardy onions. To complete this salty and sweet meal, add the sausages and the mustardy onions to a fresh baguette roll and serve.

Cheesy Loaded Fries

Load up your oven-proof serving dish with freshly cooked, crispy shoestring french fries, scatter the two-cheese mix and bake until melted and golden brown. Throw on the crispy, succulent chorizo and dollop on Edlyn's Mild Chunky Salsa and garnish this crowd-pleaser with coriander leaves and lime wedges.

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Slaw and Spicy Mayo

Fry the buttermilk and spice coated chicken breasts until golden brown, crispy and perfectly cooked. Lightly toast the white sandwich rolls, generously spread over the prepared spicy mayonnaise and add the chicken along with the crunchy slaw to create this amazing meal full of texture and flavour.
For the full recipe and to order a sample, please visit https://woodscondiments.com.au/recipes/fried-chicken-sanga-spicy-mayo/

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