Dec 20: Bone Roasters launches its Stocks and Jus into retail

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Bone Roasters is excited to launch its fresh new retail range. The range consists of: Chicken Stock (500mL), Val Stock Stock (500mL), Red Wine Jus (300mL) and Veal Jus (300mL).

“The Bone Roasters retail range of gourmet stocks and reductions is going to give home cooks, food enthusiasts and the family that wants something a little bit special, the opportunity to take their meals to the professional level,” says Edlyn Victoria Key Account Manager, Shannon Bourke.

This Retail range has been developed using the existing Foodservice range of products that are utilised by some of the best restaurants and chefs, not only here in Australia, but across the globe.

“As a food enthusiast, I’m really excited to finally see this range bring even more amazing food experiences to the home and for the Bone Roasters brand to be a part of creating those everlasting memories,” explains Shannon.

Using real bones and fresh vegetables, Bone Roasters Stocks and Jus are cooked in a traditional open kettle. The products are slowly simmered ensuring the maximum amount of real flavour is absorbed from each of our ingredients, resulting in an intense taste profile and natural colour.

The sleek, matte black packaging is microwave safe and has 18-smonth shelf life. The complete retail range is gluten free and can be used straight from the pouch to braise, make soups, risottos or your own sauces.

The Bone Roasters retail range is now available to order through Food Distributors across Australia.

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