Mar 15: Customer Profile – Newcastle Meals on Wheels

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David Conway BANNER


Operating and servicing the community since 1963, Newcastle Meals on Wheels has become a much-loved and needed service within the local community. With a strong and passionate community focus, Newcastle Meals on Wheels helps the disabled, elderly; and also assists carers to stay in homes with their loved ones.

Chef David Conway of Newcastle Meals on Wheels has spent vast amounts of time developing a substantial and varied menu which takes into account the many dietary requirements of his clientele, whilst still offering a delicious food experience.

Being a community focused initiative, it is assisting those less fortunate which is what drives David to do what he does by providing a service to those who need it most and who are unable to provide for themselves. David began working for Newcastle Meals on Wheels to make a difference for the clients and feels it is his responsibility to assist and provide his expertise and love of food for these groups.

Want to read more on the inspiring community involvement and success of Newcastle Meals on Wheels? Please follow the link.


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