Dec 17: Edlyn get creative at product training day

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As part of Edlyn’s end of year sales conference, the sales & marketing team took part in a day of product training at the Raw Materials food studio in Melbourne. The day itself was broken up into food challenges using Edlyn products with the aim being to think outside the box to use the products in different and creative ways, showcasing their versatility. Whilst the team had all made and used these products in the past, it was exciting to see the many new ideas and creative discussions were being held between people regarding the different ways in which the products can be used outside of their original purpose.


Each team focused on different product categories from muffin creations, to dessert ideas, new burger options & mexican themed dishes. Each team then presented their dishes that included breakfast friands and friand lamingtons, chocolate mousse tartlets, instant pudding breakfast cups and an array of different burgers and mexican dishes, all made using a selection of Edlyn & Wood’s branded products. In addition to the product training, Edlyn staff also took the time to be introduced to a new series of products from the Bone Roasters company. Bone Roasters produce a series of stocks and stock reduction products for the foodservice industry and with Edlyn recently purchasing the company, it was an ideal time to have the product range presented to the Edlyn team.


It was a great and informative session hearing from Co-founder Conrad Brown and Chef Leslie Stronach discussing in-depth the current range of Bone Roasters products and the manufacturing process. Their presentation concluded with a product tasting session where the team were able to see how each product is used in a real kitchen environment and taste the product in its finished form. The day was a great opportunity to not only showcase the versatility of Edlyn’s existing products, but to introduce a new and exciting range of products that will become part of Edlyn’s product portfolio.


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