Great Breakfast Ideas from Edlyn!
Check out these new and unique breakfast ideas from Edlyn that are so easy to make and will add that something different to your breakfast offering.
1. Instant Pudding & Muesli Cup

Edlyn's Instant Pudding is so easy to make and makes for a fantastic sweet breakfast idea when added with muesli and fruit.

2. Apple & Cinnamon Muffins

Make this classic muffin recipe stand out using Edlyn's muffin mix combined with apple, cinnamon and maple syrup throughout and sliced apple baked on top.

3. Brekkie Roll

A deliciously hearty brekkie roll can be taken to the next level by adding a gourmet tomato relish. Why not try a sample of our famous tomato relish today.

4. Edlyn's Breakfast Muffins

A delicious combination of Edlyn's muffin mix with dried apricot, blueberries, flaked almonds & topped with a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes, makes for the perfect breakfast muffin.

5. Pancake Breakfast Burger

for that hearty breakfast, why not create your breakfast burger with a difference by using Edlyn's Buttermilk Pancake Mix to replace the bun.

6. Fruit & Pancake Skewers

A unique way to present your pancakes with fruit and add even more deliciousness by spreading Nutella in between the layers. Try a free sample of our pancake mix.

7. Breakfast Friand

Add your favourite fruit and flaked almonds to Edlyn's Friand mix to create a delicious breakfast treat on the go.

8. Breakfast Taco

Add your favourite eggs, bacon, shallots, cheese and relish to this pancake taco to create a new and different breakfast option.

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