July 17: Edlyn Research and Development

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In March of this year, our Business Innovation Manager Aida Golneshin went to Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany for a week of seminars and intensive training in Mayonnaises, Sauces and Mustards, to learn more about our current sauce manufacturing processes, and also new technologies to produce products for current and existing markets.

This included several seminars and practical trials with focus on sauces, mayonnaise and physics of emulsification, ingredients and product stability. This training week was hosted by one of our equipment manufacturers, FrymaKoruma. FrymaKoruma is one of the leading international companies offering materials processing machines and processing installations and is recognised as the expert when it comes to developing and manufacturing liquid or semi-solid foods.

They provide machinery for a range of applications including coarse grinding of fruit and vegetables to emulsification of sauces and dressings.

Aida’s Europe trip continued with visiting our other equipment supplier Azo Liquids in Germany, and a few sauce and mayonnaise manufacturing facilities in Netherlands. The aim of these visits was to discuss process improvements, new manufacturing technologies and potential future collaborations with these companies.

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