July 18: Introducing Edlyn’s new commercial kitchen

Media Release

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Edlyn is extremely pleased to announce the launch of its newest commercial kitchen facility located at its head office location in Epping, Victoria.

This new kitchen displays Edlyn’s dedication to grow, its commitment to product development as well as it’s strive to innovative. The new facility will help Edlyn to replicate a true commercial kitchen environment and enhanced under real working conditions, resulting in a greater product experience for its customers.

In addition, the facility will act as a training centre for not only Edlyn’s staff but also the staff and sales teams of its customers. With an extensive product range, education is key to understanding how its products can offer value and benefit to its end users. Offering such training in a true commercial kitchen environment only enhances the education experience as the products can be seen and road tested within their true setting.

Finally, the kitchen space will be used as a meeting and conference centre for again both Edlyn and its customer’s needs, also being used for many marketing purposes such as photography and instructional videos.

Such a facility offers so many advantages moving forward, and whilst Edlyn will always work closely with customers and continue to test and trial in their kitchen environments, such a space will only offer greater opportunities to create truly innovative and value added products.

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