Mar 18: Edlyn Technical and QA food lab gets a makeover

Media Release

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Edlyn prides itself heavily on its ability to develop innovative and quality driven food products for both the Australian and International food markets.

Edlyn’s Technical and Quality teams are at the forefront of this drive to ensure Edlyn produce the very best in product innovation. As a result of continued long term partnerships and a growing Edlyn customer base, Edlyn took the opportunity to upgrade its food labs and quality testing areas.

Edlyn’s Quality Assurance team consists of four staff who perform up to 70 – 85 quality tests per day across a range of different products. The tests can include micro and retention testing, quality certifications and the investigation and management of quality complaints.

Edlyn’s Technical & Innovation team consists of eight staff who work on the development of an array of food products and packaging. This includes the development of new Edlyn and contract products, improving Edlyn’s existing product range and the overall production process, packaging development and evaluation, product sensory evaluations like taste, smell and feel and customer evaluations against the briefs.

Edlyn’s lab facilities have recently been under construction and seen a near doubling in size of this area with designated sections assigned to QA and Innovation. The QA work desks and computers have moved in, there are new wash areas, extended fridge space and greater work bench space. Whilst the Innovation department has seen the addition of a new oven, stove top, storage space, work benches and additional testing equipment.

All of these additional resources will only help to strengthen Edlyn’s ability to develop smart, innovative and quality driven products well into the future.

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