Meet one of Edlyn’s awesome customers, Schnithouse Hilton
Located in bustling Hilton, South Australia, you will find one of four popular Schnithouse restaurants.
The Schnithouse restaurant concept came to life in 2014, offering an excitingly new restaurant/beer house style that caters to all ages.
Using only the finest quality ingredients, the menu covers a wide range of meals such as their popular chicken wings, pizza, pasta, seafood, salads, burgers, desserts and their famous schnitzels. Schnithouse have one of the largest range of schnitzels in town offering choices of chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetarian; and don't forget to ask about their delicious dessert schnitty.
Freshly crumbed using their 90 year old family recipe and cooked to order, the schnitzels are complimented by a range of mouth-watering sauce accompaniments. Each meal is expertly created using a fusion of traditional and new-age flavours that excite the senses and fill the stomach. Edlyn Foods has been supplying product to Schnithouse Hilton and is now an integral partner bringing their menu to life, from seasoning, gravies and syrups to the Wood's Tomato Relish being used in their burger patties. The Edlyn Maple Syrup is used with their tasty maple bacon wings and Edlyn's Drinking Chocolate also features on the menu. Edlyn's Chicken Salt is paired with their famous schnitzels and is dusted over the chips. While the Edlyn gravies accompany a variety of their schnitzels, steaks and more.

Schnithouse Bourbon Double Burger

The popular Schnithouse Bourbon Double Burger holds two succulent Wagyu beef patties, grilled cheese, a juicy slice of tomato, pickles, lettuce, thick mayo and is topped with the signature Bourbon sauce and onion rings.

Schnithouse Schnitzels with a serving of chips, a side of coleslaw and delicious gravy

Freshly crumbed using their 90 year old family recipe, the Schnithouse Schnitzels are perfectly cooked and are accompanied by a serving of chips, coleslaw and a choice of delicious gravy or sauces.

A selection of the popular food available at Schnithouse Hilton
Lazy Wrap and side of chips

A popular lunch meal. This Lazy Wrap holds a perfectly cooked schnitzel of choice, lettuce, a thick slice of tomato and is complimented beautifully with mayonnaise. Accompanying the wrap is Schnithouse’s famous chips dusted in chicken salt.

Schnithouse Naked Wings (Dry Rubbed)

Tender chicken wings coated in one of Schnithouse’s own signature house made rubs and accompanied with ranch dipping sauce and tomato sauce, plus a side of Schnithouse’s famous chips dusted in chicken salt.

Bull at a Gate Burger

A menu staple, the Bull at a Gate Burger has a thick gourmet Wagyu beef pattie combined with Wood's Tomato Relish, cheese, tomato, caramelised onion, bacon, lettuce and house made BBQ aioli.

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