Meet one of Edlyn’s amazing customers – The Precinct Hotel
Located on Richmond’s busy Swan Street, home to many iconic pubs from the past and only moments away from sporting and entertainment arenas is where you will find the popular pub The Precinct Hotel.
This premier pub is dedicated to providing the highest quality food, sport and live music experience for their customers through many different entertainment spaces such as a fine dining restaurant, big band stage, pub and booth dining areas and more.
Serving high quality meals in both casual and formal dining settings, their Modern Australian menu is designed around unpretentious yet refined styles, combining Asian and Italian influences.
Edlyn Foods has been supplying product to The Precinct Hotel for over four years and is now an integral partner bringing their menu to life.
The Wood’s Tomato Relish and Edlyn Thick Egg Mayonnaise are used in a variety of their ‘share’ and ‘main’ meals from the beef burger and beef sliders to the southern fried chicken burger. The Edlyn Aioli and Tartare Sauce is also used for their popular five spice salt & pepper squid and beer battered fish & chips.
The chefs find the different dipping sauces and condiments extremely versatile with a great taste profile, adding another element to many of their menu dishes.
Beer Battered Fish & Chips with Salad and Tartare Sauce

Paired with crispy beer battered fish and thick chips, the creamy Edlyn Tartare Sauce with gherkins and capers compliments the existing flavours perfectly creating a popular pub meal.

Pulled Beef Sliders, Mayo, Chipotle Bourbon Sauce

These pulled beef sliders with Edlyn mayonnaise and chipotle bourbon sauce are a great addition to a main meal or even with a few drinks. The rich sweetness of the bourbon combined with the fiery smokiness of the chipotle is a delicious combination with the beef and creaminess of the Edlyn mayonnaise - a popular sharing plate for dinner at The Precinct Hotel.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger, Cheese, Spicy Slaw, Relish Mayo, Chips

The Precinct's fried chicken burger is cooked to perfection with a super crispy spiced coating accompanied with a spicy slaw, the house relish mayonnaise and a side of chips.

Five Spice Salt & Pepper Squid, Sriracha Aioli

Freshly caught squid coated in a perfectly balanced combination of five spice, salt and pepper to create a salivating flavour hit which works beautifully with the creamy and spicy Sriracha aioli.

Precinct Beef Burger, Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato Sauce, Relish Mayo, Chips

A signature meal at The Precinct Hotel, this in-demand Beef Burger is jam-packed with a succulent beef patty, crispy bacon, rich cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato sauce, the house relish mayonnaise and comes with a side of chips.

A selection of the beautiful food available at The Precinct Hotel

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